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Twitter Marketing Tips For 2019

Apart from Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is another social media platform that is considered

a highly valuable marketing tool for businesses of all types, sizes, and brands. When wielded

properly, it is an incredibly effective marketing tool. But unlike some social media channels,

working with Twitter for your marketing strategies allows you to get exposed to the trends in real-time since your feed gets constantly updated. 

So as Twitter content marketing continues to nurture and get more complicated, it is important than ever for you to have a unique Twitter marketing strategy that will play a major role in shaping how you market your content and how

your audience will consume it.

1. Reuse your old content

Your old content can still be useful and this can be done by repurposing. Since this is Twitter,

you can just take a trip down your feed, look for relevant tweets, and retweet them—that’s it.

This retweet can be used for any of your old blogs, infographics, or just a simple tweet that you

think it is relevant.

2. Craft your tweet bank properly beforehand

Do you know what content calendar is? Content calendar, for those who are unfamiliar with this

the term, contains the details on what type or topic will your content be and when you will produce

such content. It is an extremely helpful tool for your content marketing strategy. Likewise,

having a tweet bank read in advance allows you to be more organized, consistent, and clear on

the content your audience will be consuming from your Twitter account.

3. Come up with a schedule of posting

Since 2017 up to this day, customers have shown more preference for personalized content over

generic content. Based on a study conducted just recently by Las Vegas, Nevada based Bobs SEO

over 62% of millennials want to have personable conversations from brands they interact with. 

When interacting with your followers, you can use personalized replies to establish a stronger connection with them. For instance, send them a semantic message that relays how much you value them and their feedback. In doing so,

you can make them feel like they are truly part of a personalized conversation.

4. Include a hint of humor

Many brands are acing their Twitter marketing mainly because of the use of subtle humor in their

tweets and replies. Check out Netflix’s account, and you’ll see yourself how having a humorous

Twitter account can make a world of difference in entertaining users and making their brand


5. Use video marketing

Another great way to enhance your Twitter marketing is to use video marketing as part of your

strategy. That is because tweets that contain videos are known to capture ten times more

engagement from the audience than those that do not. And since 94% of Twitter videos are

viewed using mobile phones and tablet devices, then you also have to ensure that your videos are

optimized for mobile.

6. Keep track of your Twitter metrics

Why do you need to measure your ROI on your Twitter marketing? Easy. It is to ensure that all

your marketing efforts are worthwhile and are doing well, otherwise, you’d be clueless and

wasting your resources on methods that clearly do not positively impact your Twitter marketing

strategy. Also, by learning on how you can monitor the right Twitter metrics, you can gain

insightful decisions about your future marketing campaigns.